Yoshichika Tarue and Tomokazu Sugimoto

Yoshichika Tarue, pianist of club jazz quartet indigo jam unit, releases his second "Rain Man's Story" album, subtitled "Tale of Two".

The follow-up to his 2010 release "Rain Man's Story", on "Rain Man's Story - Tale of Two" Yoshichika Taure calls on renowned Japanese jazz bassist Tomokazu Sugimoto for a duo performance which picks up where he left off two years ealier. Once again inspired by scenes of rain, Tarue and Sugimoto traveled back to the same country side concert hall where one of Japan's most well kept pianos can be found, a stunningly sounding Steinway full concert size piano.

The recording, twelve songs in one single take, was captured with four microphones placed in a single spot with each mic pointing in a different direction to mimick the aural sensation of actually being right there on stage next to the musicians. The sound of the instruments, the movements of the musicans, the reflections of the hall, everything just like you were there. As for after the recording, there have been no edits made whatsoever. What you hear is what happened.

Rain Man's Story

Yoshichika Tarue
"Rain Man's Story"

I : 1
I : 2
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Rain Man's Story - Tale of Two -

Yoshichika Tarue feat. Tomokazu Sugimoto
"Rain Man's Story - Tale of Two -"

II : 1
II : 2
II : 3
II : 4
II : 5
II : 6
II : 7
II : 8
II : 9
II : 10
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Rain Man's Story Rain Man's Story Rain Man's Story
Rain Man's Story Rain Man's Story Rain Man's Story
Rain Man's Story

Yoshichika Tarue (pf)

Born in 1974, began playing piano at age 20. Studied classical music at university and went on to form his own quartet which later released one album. In 2005, he became one of the founding members of indigo jam unit and 2010 saw him release his first solo album, "Rain Man's Story".

Rain Man's Story

Tomokazu Sugimoto (contrabass)

Enrolled in Berklee College of Music after highscool in 1988. After graduating Sugimoto spent time in New York, before returing to Japan in 1995 and performed with musicians like drummer Masahiko Osaka, pianist Masabumi Kikuchi, and trumpeter Shunzo Ohno among others. Currently plays and records in Japan as well as abroad with Kei Akagi, Calm, Lisa Ono, Sadao Watanabe just to name a few.

Rain Man's Story artwork by 高橋信雅

Nobumasa Takahashi (art work)

Born 1973.
Graduated Kuwasawa Design School in 1995 and then proceeded to work as an artist. In 1997 he established his atelier Ba-chan House in Itabashi, Tokyo. With a variety of graphic styles within mixed media, the art work he produces stretches across genres and across borders.